Saturday, July 14, 2007
Philip Lim 8:50 PM
filipee, its time to say goodbye. you have served me well for the past four years and i think its time to move on

Sunday, June 24, 2007
Philip Lim 1:40 AM

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Monday, June 11, 2007
Philip Lim 12:06 AM

yesterday's lisa's last day in singapore and so the alakazams decide to meet up for our last gathering. we visited our usual haunts - katong laksa and then we perambulated down to parkway where she bought her new handphone, noki a 6300. its a pretty cool and slim phone with all the usual functions, and the best part is its so light and slim it'll fit perfectly even in the smallest of all pockets. one advantage of noki a phone over sony eric sson is that it uses a mini SD card instead of memory stick micro, and micro SD cards are dirt cheap. hence with around 30 bucks u can buy a 2 gb micro SD card and your phone becomes a pseudo-ipod instantly.
anyway, enough of geek talk. we went to lisa's house to chill out, and we're instantly greeted by the barkings of the doggies. the caramel brown one on the photo is coco, the black one is jingle, and theres actually a 3rd one, fluffy, which is either a poodle or a maltese i guess. fluffy's the oldest of the trio ( around 10 years old alr actually) and the most neglected one also since its like the most inactive and coco and jingle are so fat and cute and hyper. which explains why i didnt have any pics of her. :(

shelties are damn cute! they like to tag along with us and follow us around, and they're so fluffy and chubby! they even tried to kiss us haha but no thanks to doggie saliva for me. the rest of my limbs are soaked with their saliva though, i wonder why dogs like to lick ppl so much :S
since it was already around 10+ when we reached lisa's house, the dogs were already alil tired and sleepy, which is good news for us since coco can get really hyper and jumpy if shes high. havent grow out of the puppy stage i guess.
jingle's sleeping on the floor sideways. awwwwwww *cute*
ngiap's pretty tired too. hahaha
the dogs' are pretty smart they know a few commands like sit, shake and roll, though jingle's one lazy bitch who'll lie down when we say shake. hmm if i ever own a dog next time, i think i'll teach it how to fetch stuff. it'll be damn cool lah if your dog can fetch the newspaper from your mailbox early in the morning. but thats not the coolest thing i've seen haha theres this youtube video where the man commanded the dog to fetch him cigarette, then fetch the lighter, then he ASKED THE DOG TO LIGHT HIS CIGARETTE, which the dog duly did! omg it's damn cool lah, although SPCA might have something to say about that.

lisa's the mummy!
sooooo cute.

although theres so many photos of coco, i actually like jingle more haha cos coco is very naughty! its like an attention whore and when we're playing with jingle or fluffy, she'll go jealous and start to nib at them and fight. and this happens almost every other time. she's such a bully! on the other hand jingle's like so tame and mild, and shes so fat and nice to touch! but jingle was really camera shy and so its like so hard to take photos of her
we were so bo liao that we actually played scrabble at 3am in the morning! lisa showed us her true colours - a total scrabble geek and she even read thru the rulebook and brought the giant dictionary!
so around 4+, we decided to bid lisa and the three adorable doggies farewell. i'll definitely miss lisa when she's in australia. though we've only know each other for three months but shes like an old friend of mine alr, and like one of my closer female friends. but at the same time im happy for her cos its gonna be a wonderful opportunity to live and study in australia for four years and shes gonna learn and experience so much more on her own. i wish i could go to australia too, but with the tight budget now its practically impossible. postgrad medicine perhaps?
ah wells, there's still skype and webcam! speaking of which, one more week before i get my LG laptop!
anyway im still abit bitter that i didnt get into medicine, though not so angsty as i was last time. after much thought these few days, i realised that i really want to become a doctor. so in case my appeal didnt work out (most likely), i'll try to get business + some bio related coure and work very very hard to achieve a CAP score as close to 5 as possible then try to apply for a transfer next year. and lets say if this doenst work out either then i'll just have to try to enrol to the graduate medicine school. its gonna be freaking long like 5 + 4 years but i guess if i know that this is where my passion lies i think its all worth it. but that will be seriously the last resort cos the thought of studying nine years is still damn scary! appeal appeal please go thru and be successful~

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
Philip Lim 10:45 PM

after staying in kuching for 2 months i was dying to go back to singapore. now after three months in singapore, im dying to go back to kuching. haha the irony of life.

holidays in kuching is always a good time for me to relax and recharge myself, not to mention that kuching is an excellent place for me to escape from all the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle, the place we called singapore.

the best part of kuching is definitely the food. in singapore, if you want to have okay food, you have to pay at least ten dollars for it ( i mean like places like cafe cart el, thai expre ss, nooc h, etc). if you want to have GOOD food, be prepared to fork out at least twenty bucks from your coffer. the only cheap and good places in singapore would be my tangy and tasty geyl ang lorong 9 beef ho r fun and chomp chom p food centre @ serangoon gardens. but still, a plate of hor fun costs around 5 bucks, and thats like RM11.50. its difficult to find good hawker fares and if there's a good stall, chances are its gonna be crowded with people anyway. be prepared to queue for at least fifteen minutes for your fried kway teow and curse when it failed to meet your expectations.
in contrast, in kuching u get to eat GOOD food without burning a hole in your pocket. a plate of kolo mee is fixed at RM2.30, in contrast to singapore's kolo mee which is s$5 and half the portion. noticed that i used the word "fixed", yep u are not seeing things, theres actually a sarawak ko lo mee association that fixed the price of kolo m e so that vendors would not overcharge the patrons and so that kolo mee would always be affordable to the masses. for as low as s$1 dollars you get to have generous dose of shallots, spring onions, charsiew and a large lump of kolo mee that will keep you full and contended. too bad i dont have a picture of it.

in kuching, you wont have to make a choice between medium rare, welldone, medium well and all that nonsense. the only thing that you need to decide is what to eat, and they'll serve it on your table.

i missed the lamp chop at richmond's place! although it looks like what you can find at normal foodcourt or hawker centre, it tastes soooooooooo much better. not to mention that it only costs 9 bucks per set, sth that is considered cheap to singaporeans, but expensive by malaysian standard.
fish n chip. mmmm. fish&co shld go suck their balls right now. again, this costs 9 ringgit.

for people who wants to be pampered, kuching does have high-end stuff for you rich brats to indulge also. restaurants like magenta, lok thian etc are famous for both their food and their price.

this is the hot chocolate at hilton hotel. whats so interesting about it is that they actually served you one glass of hot mik and sticks of chocolate. what you mustdo is to slowly stir the chocolate sticks in the milk to melt it to produce your ideal hot chocolate drink. at 8 ringgit it does not come cheap but, indulgence is a rich man's game :)
lastly, i miss my car! although he's such a drinker (i'll die supporting it if my car is in singapore my petrol bill's like a few hundred ringgit per month! malaysia petrol isheavily subsidised by malaysia govt somemore) but after sqeezing in buses perforated with the odours of people or waiting for eons for your mrt or buses that just doesnt seem to come, im starting to miss the comfort of my car and its comfy leather seat and the breezing cold aircon and the comfortable ride it provides me. although ppl say proton cars are the most unreliable car in the world but i guess the engineers really did something about the handling. kudos to the lotus ppl that helped to finetune the handling and chasis of our bolehland car.

cars are just so cheap back in bolehland, and its no surprise since public transport is non-existant
to end this long post, the last reason why kuching pwns so much
you get to blast fireworks from your own backyard at cny! sparklers are for pussies! real man blast firework right in their backyard, and watch the magic as the firework automatically blast its way up to the sky and explode into a myriad of brillance. although technically speaking fireworks are illegal, but as we know, nothing's illegal in malaysia. anyway every household will at least blast one firework, the police cant catch so many ppl anyway. lol
why go all the way to marina bay when u can have your own firework display in your backyard?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Philip Lim 7:46 AM

现在是早上 7.47分. 为了进国大医科的事烦恼而睡不着. 用微波炉热了一杯牛奶 (听人家说喝热牛奶可以助眠), 再加上一些饼干和旺旺雪饼, 就成了一个简单的 DIY 早餐.

如果我说我不会因为没有被国大医科录取而感到难过/伤心, 我一定是在骗人。说实在是蛮赌懒(du lan = pissed off)的, 因为我连一些进医科只想要 defer NS 的人都不如。如果政府立法说进医科也不能 defer NS, 我看还有几个人要去考! 懦夫一堆他妈的。

唉! 老爸是医生也没用, 老师写了推荐函也没有, 难道自己的interview真的那么差强人意吗? 以前我还觉得很屌, 成绩这么好自己可以有选择权, 现在才知道自己已经变成一颗人球被人家到处踢来踢去。 感觉实在很糟。 干。

现在仔细想想, 2007 年算是我目前人生中遭受过最多挫折的一年. 好象无论做什么事都会碰壁的感觉。 去找工作没有人请 (早知道去当兵拿PR 就好了), 去应甄waiter 也被人家嫌, 找补习找个半死也只找到一些住在怪地方的人 (坐了一个小时地铁还要再坐半小时 shuttle bus 那种). 现在才知道钱真难赚 。所以说有钱能使鬼推磨, 这句话一点都没错。

好啦讲了那么多, 气也都出完了,老子累了! 睡觉去了。 现在才知道为什么华文blog 这么少人写. 打汉语拼音还真累呀! Orz

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Philip Lim 1:40 AM

sometimes its damn pressurizing when all your classmates are all getting into good courses. how i wish i'm not on the short end of the stick.

please, save me from this suspense.

we all make choices in our lives. and sometimes the wrong choices have a dire implication on us like a direct backlash. sometimes you feel that oh, you shld have done this, or you shld have done that... but i feel that is not important anymore. the most impt thing now is to live with my decisions and move on with life, my fucked-up decision of only applying to one university and ending myself into this massive shithole.

Philip Lim 1:38 AM

i hate disappointments. too bad my life is full of them.

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Philip Lim 1:51 PM

the classic of all time.


HAHAHA what a joker!

AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAH my favourite of all time!
HAHAHA good point!

Philip Lim 12:10 AM

this entry shld be dedicated to food :) yum yum

have anyone tried this before? its the famous fish bee hoon at compass point foodcourt, sengkang. (the name's sth like xing sth but i forgot alr.) the fried fish is awesome, its well marinated with a hint of ginger. the noodle is very springy and chewy too, and i think that really tells that the chef has got some skills. i've tasted really bad fish bee hoon at other places b4, the noodle's like all soggy and taste more like overcooked maggi mee than what think bee hoon shld be!

the big question: shld you or shld you not add milk into the soup? i think adding milk will mask the original flavour of the soup and furthermore, condensed milk is fattening :) although i dun really like the soup without milk either, its a tad too bland for my liking. so i guess its all up to personal preferences and such.

the banana boat we had at billy bombers. just look at the picture alone will make you drool. and mind you, those arent just any ordinary ice creams; its ben and jerry's! mmmm i wont forget that taste

the steamboat at tian tian restaurant. thats ngiap with his new bold (bald) cut! hahaha everyone's favourite army boy. this steamboat buffet is really as good as advertised on tv! the soup stock is awesome stuff, not just some bland watery crap they serve u at some other restaurants like s e o u l g a r d e n s. the food they serve may not be as fresh as desired but still its good enough for common folks. strongly recommend ppl to try there! its somewhere near bugis village, about 20 bucks per person. trust me the money is well spent.

YES YOU DIDNT SEE WRONGLY. that freaking melon costs 66 singapore dollars. hahaha its like the size of a tiny soccerball! wonder if there's actually gold in it or sth. geez.

everyone's writing abt mother's day and so here's how i celebrate mine. we went to eat at cryst al jad e kore an bbq!

my mum and my sis.

me and my mum

the trio!

the food is quite good, as u can see in the bottom part of the pic theres actually a hot plate on the table for you to grill your stuffs. the beef is well marinated and very chewy, even though my mum overcooked it abit. and whats so cool abt this restaurant is that they actually give u free flow of side dishes like kimchi, spinach, tofu strips, anchovies, etc. my mum ate like 3 plates of kimchi haha! i'm not a big fan of kimchi so i just stick to my beef and other main courses :X. we ate the korean fried rice strips too, cos we saw it in goong and we have always wanted to try it. and i ordered some korean fried tanghoon too. my advice is to avoid those two, though, because they costs around 14 bucks and i think its a real waste of money. instead, u shld spam your money on the beef, which costs around 18 bucks. for health conscious ppl the tanghoon is a tad oily, though its really really good.

c rystal j ade, however, isnt really a place you shld go to if u want to try authentic korean food. it's abit chinesized, i mean like even the menu and the waitress are all chinese ppl. the food is more of a chinese flavour instead of a korean flavour. but i guess thats in consideration of the singaporean's tastebuds cos we are more used to chinese food.

i'll find sth to put here soon

shuriken-tossing ninja moles!

pharrel williams. DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT


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